We are a company that sells various furniture needs for homes, hotels, apartments, offices, and state agencies.

Our Vision

The vision of our company is “to become the best integrated timber company with sustainable resources”. This means that our company is very concerned about resources for its raw materials.

Our company does not necessarily cut wood for raw materials for making furniture. However, doing reforestation. This is done so that the former tree land can be used properly. The waste that we remove is also treated optimally.


Mission is also an important factor when consumers ask what the company’s mission is. We have 3 missions to carry out both the mission for the customer, when doing the production or missions for the people around us.

We also work with Perhutani. The trees planted by the government are of course well cared for. When logging or replanting. Our core products use the highest quality teak wood material.

The products we sell are made in Indonesian origin, with some of the employees who are highly skilled in the field of furniture, who work with great care. The material we use to produce furniture is selected wood that is empowered by the state, so that the wood found in nature can be sustainable.


“To provide the best customer satisfaction that we serve in the market”. This mission is intended for customers. We are determined to provide the best for them.


“To optimize productivity and provide operational excellence on management quality”. We always pay attention to how productivity the company is doing.


The mission we give to the people around us is “To Build a Great & Effective Team with Strong Values to encourage and achieve sustainable organizational growth”.