After choosing the suitable furniture, of course, you have to take steps to order products from us. VITTOVINE has prepared procedures for placing these orders. Ordering is fairly easy. Because We do our best for you.

Tell Us Your Needs

Choosing a product is certainly a consumer’s right. They can choose all types of furniture which is the densest here. We provide all the furniture according to the desired taste. Both existing furniture, or furniture with designs according to request.

Through Our Website

If the furniture is from us, then you can choose through the website that we have provided. Many interesting options in it. ranging from sofas, chairs, tables and much more. Choose a design that you like. If it doesn’t fit, other items can be added.

After selecting furniture, you can download it first. After that, send it to the email provided. We will reply to the email and then make an agreement to make the selected furniture.

With Your Own Design

For your own design, you are asked to make a good design. We only apply the design to the desired furniture. However, if you feel that it doesn’t fit the design you made, you can do a consultation.

After the design is suitable. Send it to the email address we have provided. Don’t forget to include the size, material and design references that have been made. So that our party fully understands the design you want.

Get a Summary

After sending an email, we will send a summary in the form of an email reply. The summary is in the form of confirmation if the design request has been received. You just have to wait for the next process.

In this process there is an agreement about the product between you and us. Whether payment, delivery method or how long it takes to work for the furniture. So there is no need to think about when the furniture will arrive at home.

Make a Payment

After the price has been agreed upon, the next process is to make a payment at the agreed price. The nominal to be sent depends on the agreement when making the transaction. Can make a deposit in advance or be paid in full.

For now, we only accept payment methods using bank transfer. The method is considered the best. You can send proof of transfer to email or whatapss number available in the admin contact.

Bank account information for payments

We can pay for furniture through the bank that we have provided. The faster the payment, the sooner the manufacturing process starts. The following is information about the bank used:

1. Account Owner

Make sure when sending the amount of money it is in the name “VITTOVINE ANANTA VIRYA”. This name is the name of the owner of VITTOVINE . Don’t send it wrong, because you have to attach proof of payment on behalf of the owner of VITTOVINE .

2. Bank name

The bank that is used is “PT BANK CENTRAL ASIA (BCA)”. Where the bank is one of the largest banks in Indonesia. Even in Asia. Big banks are the first choice. This is due to security and convenience factors when transacting.

3. No Account

When sending a certain amount of money, make sure you enter the account number that we will inform you. if transfer to another bank then use the appropriate code. Or you can send it directly through the BCA bank teller closest to the location.

Down payment

Advances are used to provide trust between you and us. The money is also used for several purposes, either buying materials or something else. The following are the payment criteria that must be made:

* 50% of the total cost

You will have to make a 50% shipping fee when the furniture will be made. The payment is sent directly to the account provided. We also provide a certain time limit for making payments. This is to avoid bad consumers.

* 50% on delivery

The remainder of the 50% advance payment must be made before the goods are shipped. For payments it is also the same as an advance payment account. You are satisfied with our funiture, we are also satisfied with the payment you provide.

What should I have when importing our products?

Importing is certainly not the same as shipping domestically. Lots of files to provide. This provision has been enforced by the government. In other words, we just have to run it. Here are a few that you must prepare.

1. Bill

The invoice, of course, must be completed because this will affect the taxes that will be given. Because the more expensive the item, the bigger the tax. Tax is the obligation of the buyer.

2. Packing List

You need to record the packing list to collect the goods when you arrive at the destination country. This is to avoid the same product, but other consumer orders. so We are easy to send it.

3. List of Ship Cargo / Receipt Number

When the furniture is shipped, either by land or by sea. There must be a receipt number on the goods we send. If it is not available, it could be that the furniture is considered illegal and confiscated by the party concerned and will receive a fine.

4. Country of Origin Certificate

Where is the product made from? Of course you have to complete it. So that the delivery will be easier and faster to arrive at the destination. Each country of origin must have a different code. The code will deliver according to the stated destination of the country.

5. Other Documents

If other documents are required, we will contact you. This is because each different destination country requires additional documents. If not, ignore this point.


Of course, we will send the goods that you have ordered in accordance with applicable procedures. We have made several provisions regarding the delivery of products from us. Here is the information you can get:

1. When will the goods be shipped

We will send the goods according to the agreement that has been made. Usually delivery is made after the item is paid in full by the customer. So there is no burden between the two parties. So that it will be mutually beneficial.

2. When to Get to Your Home

Goods arrive at your house depending on the mileage you have. Of course, there will be differences between districts and between provinces and even between countries. Goods are sent using a shipping service. So you can get a receipt number and then monitor where the goods are.

3. Warranty

Don’t worry. We provide a guarantee if the goods arrive at your house not as desired. Because for you, quality is number one. The packaging is neat, so it is protected from the impact of hard objects that make it scratched.

After understanding the shipping method from us. Of course you will find that the process is very easy. Don’t wait long, order your furniture needs right now. For reservations, please contact the admin or the number listed.